Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Hello, myself!
(Because nobody gonna read it, except me, so yeah)

Accidentally found this blog after typing 'diovin' on a google just in case my friends wants to know picture of me in a past. Such a long sentence, huh.

It feels like, I already wrote down some tips, private encouragement for my ownself from the past. Not that my present day is worst, but..... it just I already said something true. To never give up and for everything you do now is already better than anything you can ever imagine.

Actually i have a good news for this blog. I already got a job. Like a serious one. Yaaaaay me!

What I dont tell you was, I'm already passing final comprehensive, yudisium, graduation and a bunch of jobfair.

Sooooo to sum up, I'm moving in into a new city and having a weekdays job. Alhamdulillaaah. I'm truly blessed to finally being able to write this.

2016 was such a hit.
Cant wait for many more to come. ❤